Biologistidae lesbianis

Internal monologue: I should spend some of easter with my brother and dad, I feel bad for never seeing them. I can study while we’re hanging out. It’ll be great!

*cue TV blasting, dad shouting at the computer, arguments over my brother buying my dad pot and them smoking it together even though my dad knows he has a serious drug problem, general codependency*

NOPE. Nope. noooooope. Time to nope the fuck out of dodge. 20 minutes is enough family time for anyone, right?

I’m so fucking satisfied with myself. I danced burlesque on stage for the first time last night. I didn’t wait till my body looked better. I didn’t wait until I would have more time to practice. I didn’t wait until I knew more dance. I saw an opportunity to perform on stage, made up my routine over the next couple weeks, and fucking rocked it.

If I only can keep doing the things that scare me, my life might end up pretty fucking excellent indeed.


"hey can i have a couple of those fries"